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The cadet and the armory chief

Posted on Mon Mar 18th, 2019 @ 9:51pm by Lieutenant JG Mai Nguyen & Cadet Senior Grade Josie Boone

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Engineering/Security

Mai was walking through a corridor on her way to engineering. She had a list of things that needed to be done in the Armory, and she needed an engineer to do it. She walked in to the room and looked around. She never been to engineering. Between her duties as Armory chief and chef, she hadn't had much time to visit the other departments.

Jo perked up, seeing a newcomer to engineering. "Hello!" She said. She walked up. "Cadet Boone. How may help you, Lieutenant?"

"Hello, cadet," Mai said, "I am lieutenant junior Mai Nguyen. Security and Armory chief as well as ship's chef." She introduced herself. "I have some things that needs to be done in the armory. Do you think you can help with that?" She asked, smiling friendly to Jo, while handing over the padd.

Jo nodded. "Call me Jo" she said, reading the padd. She nodded. She grinned a mile wide as she grabbed a kit. "Is this even mine? Wait, yeah, I think" she chuckled.

Mai shrugged and then walked towards the entrance again. She stopped a moment. "You sure you got time now, Jo? I wouldn't want to rip you away from something important," Mai said as the doors opened.

"Nah." Jo said. "Nothing that Lt Zann can't handle. Besides, I get to meet someone new." She laughed. "Mostly I just hang with Aaron." She smiled.

Mai nodded. "Meeting new people is always fun." She said as they walked to the armory.

When they arrived in the armory Mai pointed around. "Welcome to my domain," She said giggling. She walked to a table. "Mini pancakes?" She offered. "Made fresh this morning." She almost smiled proudly.

"You won me at pancakes I mean lieutenant." She blushed

Mai waved it away. "Mai is fine, that rank is nice for the bras and in large groups, I think. We're here alone with pancakes." She smiled. "Do you want something to drink with that?" She asked.

"Do you have tea?" Jo asked

"Sure, any preferences for flavors?" She asked walking to the replicator to get some hot water. She then reached in to a cabinet and pulled out a wooden box. She walked to Jo and opened the tea box.

" many choices. Being a Texas girl I've only had "Sweet". What do you recommend?" Jo said, interested.

Mai looked in to the box a moment. "If it's sweet you like..." She reached in to the box and took a bag out. "You should try this. It's called star mint. It's an herbal tea with all kinds of spices and mint. And you can drink it like that, but it's also nice with honey. Would you like some?"

"Sounds awesome" Jo said.

Mai walked back to the cabinet and pulled out a pot of honey. "Best honey I know of." She put the pot on the table. "I brought a few cases with me before I boarded. I only use the best stuff." She put a spoonful in the mug. "There you go." She smiled. "Maybe you would like to come for dinner, I am making Vietnamese pancakes. You can also meet my roommate, Lucy. She is a language specialist."

"I'd love to!" Jo said.

Mai smiled. "Oh great, I will get us a table ready in the mess hall." She then moved the plate closer to Jo. "Eat! Drink! And then maybe you could start with re calibrating with the holo simulator maybe?"

Jo attacked the pancakes. She loved a good pancake. She swallowed. "Yummy!. I love a good pancake" she smiled. "And those were friggin awesome, Mai" Jo grinned, busting out her kit.

"Do you need any help, Jo?" Mai offered. "I am probably not as techy as you, but I know a thing or two."

"Sure! If you want" Jo smiled. "Sounds good to me"

Mai could tell Jo was a bit shy. "Ok, Jo, take a sip from your tea. And we go jump right in there." She looked in to the toolbox. She took something up. "Hyper spanner?" She guessed.

"Yep. lets get to it!" Jo grinned


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