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Posted on Sat Apr 13th, 2019 @ 8:50pm by Commander Dorian Willams
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Mission: Yesterday's Hades
Location: UES Hades, 2156
Timeline: 2156

Captain's log, September 5th, 2156

The romulan war goes well, to a degree. Andorian forces are making great strides against the enemy. That's not to say that has pink skins aren't doing our part. However, just because there's a war on does it mean our mission stops. Mars station has picked up an anomaly near Andorian space. The Hades has been sent to investigate.

Captain Steven Williamson stepped up onto his bridge

“Status report” he ordered.

The ship's Chief science officer, a rather petite woman of Russian descent, was quick to answer.

“We are in position, captain” she said The helmsman, a guy who only went by David nodded.

“Good job y'all. Any data on the anomaly?” Williamson asked

“None yet, although we have launched probes before you arrived. We should be getting telemetry now.” came the voice from science. “Wait, what the hell?”

“What?!” The CO yelled

The chief armoryl officer spoke up. “What do they want? Klingons destroyed it!”

“On screen!”

The screen came to life and showed a bird of prey swinging into attack position.

“Polarize hull plaaahhh! The captain said as the ship was rocked by fire. Consoles we're sparking and the ship began to drift lifeless into the anomaly.

“Helm!” The Armory officer said.

“I know! But we're going nowhere fast. Gravity tends to pull and not let go.” David said

“I don't need sarcasm right now!” He said. “Comms, distress call, “” she said, just before she lost consciousness. Soon after the armory officer succumbed as the ship freefell into the anomaly.